Polskie aplikacje książkowe dla dzieci

  1. Paulina Sabat ORCiD: 0000-0002-9055-5020



Polish picturebook applications

The subject of the article is Polish picturebook applications for children. The purpose of the study was to investigate the most important features of digital picturebooks for children, the characteristics of individual examples and the specifics of the Polish picturebook app market. Moreover, this article hightlights the characteristic of the Polish picturebook apps market and assessment criteria of the digital picturebook. The main part is the analysis of the collected source material, taking into account previously grouped assessment criteria. The last part contains conclusions and perspectives for further research which should focus on the analysis of the nature of reading in the digital environment. Also, there is a need to disseminate information about the existence of a digital picturebook and its educational value.


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Studia o Książce i Informacji (dawniej: Bibliotekoznawstwo)

37, 2018

Pages from 177 to 195

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