Współczesna książka interaktywna dla dzieci na przykładzie twórczości Hervé’a Tulleta

  1. Alicja Urban ORCiD: 0000-0002-7024-5551



Contemporary interactive book for children: The example of Hervé Tullet’s work

Nowadays, an interactive book is overlooked and forgotten by researchers — it is supplanted by new technologies, applications and multimedia offers from publishers. Lack of definitions leads to problems with its understanding. There are no assumptions about the features, functions and appearance of this subspecies. Placed among both digital solutions and traditional paper editions, it has an unclear status and exists as an undefined subgenre of children’s books. The article collects definitions that are analyzed in terms of differences and similarities, contains terminological conclusions about the contemporary interactive book and its current status. Examples from Hervé Tullet’s individual works show the characteristics of an interactive book.


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Studia o Książce i Informacji (dawniej: Bibliotekoznawstwo)

37, 2018

Pages from 163 to 175

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