Uniwersalny język twórczości polskich artystów plastyków na obczyźnie

  1. Jolanta Chwastyk-Kowalczyk


The universal language of the oeuvre of Polish graphic artists working abroad


The creative work of émigré graphic artists in Great Britain between 1940 and 1989 demonstrates the continuity of émigré Polish art and its links to Western culture. The artists functioned on the British art market within artistic groups, workshops, schools and galleries – Konfraternia Artystów [Confraternity of Artists], Marian Bogusz-Szyszko’s Studium Malarstwa Sztalugowego [School of Easel Painting], Kontynentalno-Brytyjsko Szkoła Malarska [Continental-British School of Painting], “The Scottish Group”, South-East London Art Group and the Royal Society of Painters, Etchers and Engravers, British Royal Academy, independent artists, POSK Gallery, Polish YMCA Club, Ognisko Polskie [Polish Centre], Klub Orła Białego [White Eagle Club], Drian Gallery, Cottenham Gallery, Grabowski Gallery and Jablonsky Gallery. Most artists – e.g. Adam Kossowski, Feliks Topolski, Antoni Wasilewski (Tony) and others – also illustrated Polish books published abroad. Some even created them themselves. Their achievements still have not been documented; there has been no monograph devoted to their work. Some of the works of these artists were given to various institutions in Poland. Grabowski Gallery, for instance, gave its collection to the National Museum in Łódź.

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Studia o Książce i Informacji (dawniej: Bibliotekoznawstwo)

28, 2009

Pages from 115 to 129

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